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In case you're surfing in from the Maldives, or basking with your laptop on a dromedary in sunny Turkmenistan, or linking in from anywhere else out of New England, Walter Crockett (that's me) plays acoustic guitar and writes original songs that cross genres from bluegrass to blues, country, folk and rock 'n' roll, with his brand new band, the Wannabee Wabbits ("The band that has no motto!").

So here's our schedule until the end of time, or sometime next year, whichever comes first.

 Thursday, August 8, 2013
 Southborough Summer Concert Series
 Neary School, 53 Parkerville Road, Southborough, Mass.
 6-8 p.m.Free concert on the lawn past the tennis courts.
 Concessions and raffles to benefit a program to send kids to camp.

 This series is run by my daughter-in-law, Sarah Cassell, who is married to our percussionist, Matt. She's got a beautiful voice, and she'll join us for a couple of songs. The Wabbits for this show include Bob Dick, Fran McConville, Dave Dick, and Matt Cassell.

  Send a Kid to Camp logo

 Thursday, Aug. 15, 2013
 Elm Park Concert Series
 Routes 9 and 12 (Highland Street and Park Avenue) in Worcester, Mass.
 Free show from 6:30 to 8:00 or so p.m.

 This is one of our favorite concerts of the year. A great place to see old friends and enjoy the summer evening. Always a good time!

 We'll have the full array of Wabbits (Bob, Fran, Dave, Mark, Matt, plus Bill MacGillivray on drums) and the Fantabulous Wabbettes (Jojo and Maddie)!!!

 Click here for a map that will get you to Elm Park. Or click the picture for a pleasant assortment of historical photos.
  An arched bridge in Elm Park


  • John Henry's Hammer Coffeehouse, Nov. 16., 2013. Triumphant return.
  • First Night Worcester 2013. In Tuckerman Hall.
  • Hezekiah Stone's Coffeehouse, spring 2014. Triumphant return.


  • Paul Della Valle (as Lizzie O'Dowd and the Sheep Shaggers), Friday, September 21, 2013, Black Sheep Tavern, 261 Leominster Road (Route 12), Sterling, Mass.

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